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Welcome to the team of " Alliance per humanity"

you can take advantage of the benefits of their commitment

  • As a partner of the "Alliance per humanity" is your company sympathetic to the public. You benefit from the expertise of our social project work and the high reputation of the brand Red Cross. To do good and to be well, is much more than a marketing trend. It is the real consumer need, as the most recent market research shows. Because customers expect today more than ever the social commitment of companies and at the same time becoming increasingly more attention to ethics and compliance. Ethical Companies are more attractive. So, 60% of German consumers to a comparable Brand that are socially committed. And even 80% of consumers believe that social and economic interests of equal weight should have when making business decisions. More and more successful companies focus their marketing on products and goodwill initiatives with charity share. You pair the sale of products or services with social commitment to have a positive effect from the competition. That companies becoming involved in social work and at the same time benefit is part of the consumer is no longer perceived as a contradiction. On the contrary. Studies show that companies, social responsibility, with regard to purchasing behavior and image is preferred. Companies that are fair and ethical behavior that have definitely an advantage when recruiting of qualified workers. Social commitment is therefore a crucial part of the strategic value chain. For 93% of German workers feel a stronger loyalty to a socially committed employer. And more than 50% of the people are influenced just accept a job there. In view of the current situation on the employment market and the lack of skilled workers is hiding behind it a huge benefit. The German Red Cross is the initiator of the "Alliance per humanity". From him, a fascination from, the decades of millions. With your support of the "Alliance per humanity", you are a partner in this strong brand with the special appreciation in the population. Use this advantage by providing a sustainable partnership in the "Alliance per humanity". Give your company social profile with on the way. And inspire you with your social do customers such as business partners when they find out that you with your active promotion of the "Alliance" per humanity in distress people directly in their home region to help their perspective on life, and serenity. You receive not only for business profitable, but above all human wonderful back: the smile of grateful people. Do you know of a more beautiful gift? Do good and talk about it. Together we communicate your commitment to the Alliance per humanity", so you positive attention is safe. You will find yourself with your good name on many of our information tools and channels that we enable for the Alliance. You are in our blogs and social media initiatives. Your digital promotional package includes alliance partner logos, as well as print-ready files, Banner for your website and a template for your e-mail signature. On request you can also obtain a own base for the representation of your social activities in our internet presence. You can also use the Alliance logo on your home page to link to, and to verify their commitment. And they are with their presence in the alliance of course also in contact with "mannigfachem millions" members of the family of the German Red Cross. We would be happy to develop with you a communication line, so that a win-win situation of your company and the social alliance will benefit.