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A heart for people in need

Möbel Martin donates to Allianz Pro humanity

A heart for people in need proves Möbel Martin and supports with a donation of 1,500 euros goals and work of the "Alliance Pro Humanity".

The manager of the Konzer furniture store, Frank Horn, presented the donation to the chairman of the board of the DRK-Landesverband Rheinland-Pfalz e.V., Anke Marzi. Möbel Martin has long been supporting the social alliance like the German Red Cross, proving to be a socially minded partner who, with his leitmotif of "... living better", means serious and honest.

Anke Marzi was pleased with the unexpected donation and praised the good partnership between DRK and Möbel Martin. The Alliance Pro Humanity wants to be a friend, companion and even a helper for people who are on the dark side of life and alone can not cope with their situation and problems.

Together with partners and donors, they want to regain a piece of more humanity in the increasingly anonymous world. "And we want to spread hope where desolation shapes humanity," Marzi said. To be even more effective and effective, Allianz Pro Humanity relied on as many partners as possible to "assist us with their actions". It is therefore hoped that many companies will follow the example of furniture Martin.