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When "chocolate bear and marzi bunny" travel through the dark forest ....

Leisure author Axel Dahm delights refugee children with self-written adventure fairy tales


Quiet as a mouse, the children follow the exciting fairy tale reading by Axel Dahm. Behind the author the CEO Anke Marzi of the DRK regional association Rhineland-Palatinate and the director of the Spielstube Ulrike Ruff (left).


So quiet for 30 minutes it was never in the fully occupied game room of the DRK district association Trier-Saarburg for refugee children of the reception center for asylum seekers (Afa) in Trier. The reason: a fairy-tale presentation shortly before Christmas, at the freelance author Axel Dahm, the 30 children from different nations with reading aloud from self-written storybook downright captivated.

The chairman of the board of the Bitburger Brewery Group writes children's books in his free time. In the pre-Christmas fairy-tale hour, Axel Dahm tells the story of "Schokobär and Marzihäschen", who embark on a long adventurous journey through the dark forest.

The children listen intently, although some of them have recently come into contact with the German language. To help them follow the story, the children have already been dealt with a few days earlier in the contents of the book. In addition, the pretty painting scenes from the book, which are shown on a screen, illustrate the adventures of the two confectionery animals.

The experiences of the little timid bunny made of marzipan and the big, good-natured bear made of chocolate are well received. With a series of Christmas carols in different language stanzas, the children thank Axel Dahm for the exciting fairytale lesson. He in turn gave each of his young listeners a signed copy of the book, bearing the child's first name. The fact that the children then joyously storming and pointing with their finger on their name in the book to the waiting parents, illustrates the great joy Axel Dahm has prepared them. And after so much narration about animals made of marzipan and chocolate, sweets in the form of chocolate bears and marzipan will of course be distributed to the round.


Reading aloud has become a tradition at Axel Dahm. "I do this every year, for example, for children in the hospital," he says. But this morning with the refugee children is also a special experience for him, for which he is very grateful. "I'll be back," was his promise.

The Alliance for Humanity is a special thanks to the recreational author. For he gave the Social Alliance 4000 copies of two of his fairy tales as a book as well as a listening CD. With this donation, Axel Dahm has already made many children in Rhineland-Palatinate happy, for whom joy in life is often a rarity. In this context, Allianz Pro Menschlichkeit thanks a number of DRC district associations for on-site help in distributing the books to children from socially disadvantaged or refugee families.