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Luckily there's the lucky spiral ...

DRK Rheinland-Pfalz thanks for cooperative social work

Allianz Pro Humanity on the road to success

A big thank you for generous support in setting up the "Alliance Pro Humanity" said the CEO of the DRK-Landesverband Rheinland-Pfalz, Anke Marzi, the lucky spiral.

On the occasion of the Red Cross Charity Golf Tournament in Landau, Anke Marzi thanked Product Manager Thomas Kirsch von der Glücksspirale for the promotion of a project office, which is supposed to guide and promote the social alliance. The trusting cooperation between Glückspirale and the Red Cross, which has been trusting for many years, is once again a success story, emphasized the CEO. "Fortunately for many people there is the lucky spiral."

Kirsch wanted to get an idea of ​​the activities at an event on site and get an insight into the development of the project. According to Anke Marzi, the involvement of the Glücksspirale plays a large part in the fact that the social work of the "Allianz Pro Menschlichkeit" can now extend to all over Rhineland-Palatinate.

The Social Alliance is based on a partnership between companies and DRCs with the long-term goal of modern, forward-looking social strategy for more humanity in our society. Above all, it wants to help people who are in debt through no fault of their own or who can no longer cope with their circumstances as a result of their age, illness, disability, loneliness and flight. Children who have to grow up under problematic conditions in the family and home are also in the focus of the relief measures.

Long-term partnership of social action on the road to success:

DRK CEO Anke Marzi thanks Lucky Spiral Manager Thomas Kirsch for many support and social engagement.

Left in the picture Leo Kutscheid, Project Manager Allianz Pro Humanity.

Proud result of the 1st Red Cross Charity Golf Tournament for the Alliance Pro Humanity, which was praised by all participants beyond measure: A check for 15,000 euros presented (from right) CEO Bernd Fischer and the CEO Anke Marzi to the Lord Mayor Thomas Hirsch as Donation for the new construction of a hospice. Left moderator Wolf-Dieter Poschmann


Nice weather, great sport, great result ...
1st Red Cross Charity Golf Tournament a hit - 15,000 euros for hospice

The premiere of the 1st Red Cross Charity Golf Tournament of the DRK-Kreisverband Südliche Weinstraße e.V. was a great success. Almost 70 golfers went in good sports weather on the lush green of the beautiful golf course Landgut Dreihof at Landau at the start to play golf to do good. Among the participants also sports celebrities such as ex-national footballer Martin Wagner, the former track cycling champion Gregor Braun and former footballer Jessica Apholte.

The atmosphere was just terrific, on the green fairy as well as in the evening at barbecue dinner and award ceremony. The former ZDF sports host Wolff-Dieter Poschmann proved to be a charming and humorous talk show host. "When it comes to charity, I'm always happy to attend such events," says Poschmann.


For a whole day, the golf ball turned on Allianz Pro Humanity on the estate Dreihof


After football also an ace with the golf ball: Ex-football international Martin Wagner


In the talk between Poschmann and the CEO Anke Marzi of the DRK-Landesverband Rheinland-Pfalz, who had come to the tournament with her board colleague Manuel Gonzalez, it was about the "Alliance Pro Humanity". The new social alliance between companies and the DRC wants to help people who have fallen into adversity in need.

In this context, Anke Marzi also focused on inclusion, a concern that has always permeated many areas of social action of the DRC today in Rhineland-Palatinate. Inclusion is a matter of attitude. The problem is not money or lack of resources. The biggest hurdle is often lack of will.

So it was a matter of course that disabled people were also at the start at the golf tournament. They came from the Disabled Golf Club Germany (BGC) and proved with great performance that physical impairment even when playing golf should not be an obstacle. BGC President Christian Nachtwey thanked the invitation to the tournament and praised the excellent organization.

For organization and guidance DRK district managing director Bernd Fischer was responsible. His wife Cäcilia and Nicole Bock assisted him. That they did a great job was proven by the applause that the participants gave to the directors.

The i-point of the evening was not the award ceremony, but the surprise in the form of a check that Bernd Fischer had issued in the meantime: 15,000 euros donation from the tournament proceeds for the long-planned hospice in Landau. Participants, generous sponsors and a raffle with attractive prizes laid the foundation for a considerable tournament revenue, in which the social alliance Allianz Pro Menschlichkeit participates.

Knowing very well from earlier days: the former ZDF sports host Poschmann and Gregor Braun (right), once gold medal winner in the Bahnradfahren, today a passionate golfer.


There was a great mood for the barbecue dinner among the participants.


Almost touched, but extremely pleased, Mayor Hirsch accepted the unexpectedly high donation for a tournament premiere. He thanked Bernd Fischer for his dedication as well as all those present who made this proud result possible! Construction of the hospice will start soon. The organizers, sponsors and participants also gave praise and recognition to District Administrator Theresia Riedmaier in her capacity as chairwoman of the DRK district association.

And if you asked the participants, it was said unanimously: Super tournament! We'll be back next time. And bring friends. Yes, yes, yes, yes, at the 2nd Red Cross Charity Tournament on Saturday, June 2, 2018 at the same site "Full House" is announced ...

Wolf-Dieter Poschmann, formerly ZDF, welcomes participants and guests to a barbecue dinner. At the table (from the right) District Administrator Theresia Riedmaier, CEO Anke Marzi and board member Manuel Gonzalez of the DRK regional association, DRK district manager and tournament director Bernd Fischer, main sponsor Daniel Rittersbacher and Cäcilia Fischer, co-organizer of the 1st Red Cross Charity Golf Tournament.