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The secret of the treasures lured "Milliunen"
Charity wine auction in Trier with spectacular wines from all over the world

With a comparable offer of best wines from all over the world, the charity wine auction of the DRK-Landesverband Rheinland-Pfalz and the DRK-Sozialwerk Bernkastel-Kues in favor of the Allianz Pro Menschlichkeit has cast a spell over the wine lovers of the Trier region for three days in the Moselle town taken.


It was possible to increase closed wine boxes filled with Champions League wines in red and white from all growing areas around the globe, which had awarded the Berlin Wine Trophy with the highest honors. What treasures may be hidden inside, you could only learn when you held the auctioned surprise box in his hands and opened. But that made for many the real attraction of the charity wine auction, which filled especially on Sunday, the Trier cattle market in glorious summer weather with "milliunas" people, as the Trierer to say, although at the same time the businessmen complained about lack of supply on Sunday open Sunday.


DRK Chairman Anke Marzi warmly welcomes the tribe of Ob Leibe.


Federal Minister Katarina Barley (center) presents herself as an auctioneer with heart and mind. Left in the picture Volker Emmrich from the DRK-Sozialwerk and right auctioneer Vatheuer.


400 boxes of six bottles of first-class wines each came on the three days under the hammer, which was swung by RPR presenter and wine maker Thomas Vatheuer, and changed hands. The minimum bid was 30 euros per box, the most expensive bid at 85 euros. The bidders obviously had a lot of fun, especially as Lord Mayor Leibe together with DRK CEO Anke Marzi sent the carton prices in the air. Or, on Sundays, Federal Family Minister Katarina Barley demonstrated savvy auction skills.


The wine lovers, who enthusiastically followed the auctions and sometimes slammed them splendidly, were as different as the contents of the boxes, which were auctioned. Equally diverse are the reasons why they came to the auction. For some, it might have been the thrill of tasting the precious drops at the wine bar, and some even bought a wine surprise package as a birthday present, and many were drawn to the idea The wine cartons came partly with 20 € (for white wine) and 30 € (for red wines) under the hammer, although the contents prices between 7 and 160 € per bottle had.


"Milliun Leit" is auctioning at the cattle market in Trier.


The proceeds from the auction will be donated to Allianz Pro Menschlichkeit, which will also locally support the construction of a clothing store of the DRK district association Trier-Saarburg in Trier and a dream project of OB Leibe in the field of social work of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt.


Save the Date!

The auction dates on the three days of the event from Friday 1 to Sunday 3 September 2017 at the cattle fair in Trier are at 14 and 16 o'clock respectively. Saturdays, additionally at 11 o'clock live in the program of RPR1. Please come, increase, win and, above all, do good.


For the first, second and third ...
Hammer auction for wine enthusiasts in Trier
Where noble wines change hands for charity

Wine lovers beware! With a spectacular auction of first-class wines, the European market will be on the cattle market in Trier from 1 to 3 September. The charity auction in favor of the social alliance Allianz Pro Menschlichkeit between companies and the German Red Cross in Rhineland-Palatinate promises to be a hitherto unprecedented hammer auction for wine enthusiasts.

The patronage of the auction has been taken over by Mayor Leibe. He will swing the famous hammer himself at the auction on Saturday, September 2nd, 4pm. On the other dates, local hero Thomas Vatheuer takes over.

The auction includes wines from the international Champions League from all over the world, donated to the Social Alliance by the renowned Berlin Wine Trophy, Germany's most important international wine tasting and award. Every year, many thousands of wineries and producers from all over the world make wines in order to receive, after rigorous testing, one of the coveted medals in gold, silver or bronze, which is an expression of the special quality of the product.

The auction wines are therefore the best wines from the most renowned wine regions in the world and awarded by a prestigious jury with the highest awards. A certificate of the Wine Trophy hosted by the German Wine Marketing GmbH is enclosed with each wine carton and confirms that. What more could you ask for?

If you come to the auction, you can expect a number of unique bargains that you can not buy anywhere. The offered surprise boxes are filled with six bottles of wine from different countries. The value of each wine is between 7 and 160 euros per bottle. The start offer is only 30 euros per box of 6. It shows that delicious wines do not necessarily have to be expensive. An ideal date to personally come to the auction. Shopping in downtown Trier, followed by a culture of delight in wine for a good cause at the cattle market.

So that one does not go into the action quite unprepared, wines from all over the world can be tasted at a wine bar next to the action stage. There are delicious pretzels and tasty spun-cheese.

Make a bargain, have fun and do good this philosophy is behind the brilliant charity idea. Because the proceeds of the event is for the "Alliance Pro Humanity", a social alliance between companies and German Red Cross in Rhineland-Palatinate, which wants to help people, especially children, who are in debt through no fault of their own. Or who can not cope with your life situation alone.

We have everyone on the dark side of life in our neighborhood. We all want to help them. As the slogan of the Alliance Pro Humanity says: "From me to us. Turn to each other ". Together we can do it. And because the auction takes place in Trier, part of the proceeds will remain in the region: the alliance promotes the development of a DRK clothing store and the volunteer work of the DRK district association Trier - Saarburg.

Precious cargo via 40 Tonner semitrailer train from Berlin for Trier: 22 pallets with medals from the Berlin Wine Trophy of highly decorated wines from all over the world are now waiting for customers at the DRK-Gut Avelsbach.