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Especially in the Advent and Christmas season you can be a great support even with small help. That is why Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet continues its long-term social commitment this year as well and supports the Rhineland-Palatinate Red Cross in the alliance "Allianz Pro Menschlichkeit".

Under the motto "Give donations happy moments", the largest outlet center in Germany uses the pre-Christmas period to call visitors and employees to donate in favor of "Allianz Pro Menschlichkeit". The annual packing service starts on Friday, November 24th, during the night shopping until 10pm. Visitors can have their gifts packed in the center information for a donation of € 0.50 per package. Furthermore, donation boxes of the "Alliance Pro Humanity" are distributed in the outlet center, e.g. at the christmasmarket.

We will be presenting our activities on Saturday, 9th December, at an information booth, launching an auction of fine wines from all over the world, donated by the Berlin Wine Trophy.

Donations give happy moments

Social commitment of the
Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet
in favor of
"Alliance Pro Humanity"

The entire proceeds will also give people of our homeland in need of hope and joy.

The extensive changes in Germany, triggered by demographic change or digitalization and globalization, present society with major challenges, according to the management of Zweibrücken Outlet. The partners of the Social Alliance "Alliance Pro Humanity" actively contribute to shaping our society for all and to overcome the exclusion of people. The Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet joins the alliance.

"As a partner of the" Alliance Pro Humanity ", we want to make a voluntary self-confession of human dignity and a sign of a solidary society," the statement goes on to say. The help of the "Alliance Pro Humanity" directly and concretely on site with the aim to help immediately and in a timely manner.

Any help counts, whether it is monetary or through personal engagement, whether it is big or small.