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Our great Vision

From me to us

The "Alliance per humanity" has set itself the goal of people quickly and efficiently to help the innocent in need. Or people with your current life circumstances cannot cope alone. Be it through illness, disability or age. Is it because they have to part wedding mati sier friendly escape from their home with us a new place to stay. Because humanity means, attentive and respectful with each others handle. From the heart help where help is urgently needed. Nobody to borders, but him on the legs to help. Hope and perspective to offer.

Turn to each other.

give one's hand

We are in the "Alliance per humanity", which are self-employed or companies and the German Red Cross in the Rhineland Palatinate e.V. with the " Allianz-Pro Humanity" we have a social alliance is closed to the humanity in a fast-paced life in the digital age to give new impetus to We understand ourselves as a friend, companion and Nothelfer of people. Want families, children, the elderly, the disabled and migrants in hopeless situation the hands. As a voluntary self-commitment to the dignity of the human person. 

Children give life

The hands of.Our heart beats for children. Especially in focus areas grow more and more children and young people for their gifts and talents because of their social relations can develop discover neither nor. They lack the most necessary: food, clothing, Starter package for day nursery or school, Internet, PC and education, but also to pay attention to love and positive role models. The associated social exclusion affects highly later life. We believe that nobody may be forgotten or lost because the parents house is not able to adequately supply the children.

 They are committed to people in need





Sandra Gal invites you to golf and charity
Great number on Mainzer golf course

Charity golf tournament in favor of Allianz Pro Humanity in Mainz

She is in golf a very big and with the best that Germany's golfers have to offer: Sandra Gal. The native of Düsseldorf has been playing very successfully on the American LPGA Tour for years and has even fought his way up to 30th place in the world rankings.

Now the "Golf-Queen" wants to show that besides a strong golf swing she also has a big heart, loves golf and charity. As Ambassador of the "Alliance Pro Humanity", she hurries across the pond from the Sunshine State of Florida in the USA to invite to the Sandra Gal-Charity Golf Tournament on the magnificent Golf Course of the Mainz Golf Club on October 6 and 7, 2018. Of course, the philosophy of Allianz Pro Humanity, "helping people who are on the dark side of life" should not be too short and the proceeds should benefit the Social Alliance.

A check for bright children's eyes

Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet finances Turtlebus - social partnership with Allianz Pro Menschlichkeit will also be launched in 2018


Happy to receive over 2,000 euros in proceeds from gift wrapping during the Christmas season in favor of Allianz Pro Menschlichkeit: Center Manager of the Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet, Ibrahim Alsac and the CEO Anke Marzi from the DRK Landesverband Rheinland-Pfalz.


The donation campaign in favor of the Social Alliance Alliance for Humanity in the German Red Cross Rhineland-Palatinate, which organized the largest outlet center in Germany during the Christmas season, turned out to be a great success. Center Manager Ibrahim Alsac has now handed over a donation of 2,000 euros to Anke Marzi, CEO of the DRK Landesverband Rheinland-Pfalz, as the proceeds of the wrapping of Christmas presents. Fashion Outlet thus helps people in our home country, who are in an emergency situation, and this time ensures the bright eyes of children who have not yet shown the still young life from their best side.

The long-standing social commitment of the Fashion Outlet Center thus continued with the involvement of customers. Because in order to earn the proceeds, donation boxes were available at special locations in the outlet center, and the Christmas wrapping service was asked for a small donation. Ibrahim Alsac was very satisfied with the result of the campaign: "We are very happy that we can help the needy children in our homeland with the sum of € 2,000 collected. With the Social Alliance Alliance for Humanity, we have found a reliable partner to ensure that the donation goes straight to where it's really needed. As a socially committed company, we care about the well-being of children. "

The donation sum from the Christmas campaign of the Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet is to ensure the financing of a Turtlebusses, which facilitates outdoor activities and errands in the facilities La Casita of the DRK for youth and family help.

Children under the age of four usually experience traumatic experiences due to broken parents' marriages. "We thank you for the beautiful action before Christmas and the partnership with Allianz Pro Humanity. The fascinating miniature mobile will not only conquer children's hearts, "says Anke Marzi, CEO of the DRK Landesverband Rheinland-Pfalz.

Center Director Ibrahim Alsac announced that it intends to bring the partnership with Allianz Pro Humanity to life in the current year. For example, during the After Work parties and in the coming Advent season, we plan to take some actions to support the Social Alliance with the proceeds.

Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet is the largest outlet center in Germany. It offers the whole world of fashion in one place. Paris, Milan, New York - Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet presents its guests the creations of the major fashion capitals. From French chic to Italian sophistication to English dandyism, the versatile selection of different styles at a fashionable high level characterizes the international fashion destination. Over 130 premium brands offer their collections from the previous season at least 30% cheaper than the former non-binding manufacturer's price recommendation. The services offered include five restaurants and cafés, including a wine shop and childcare. Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet is managed by VIA Outlets.

Laughing children's eyes and happy faces
Allianz Pro Humanity pays first funding

A series of social projects, campaigns and campaigns for the integration of refugees and for inclusion - the self-evident coexistence of people with and without disabilities in society - we were able to promote in the past year.

Some of the funds came from the proceeds of own events and donations from Rhineland-Palatinate companies, which as partners support the objectives of Allianz Pro Menschlichkeit. A great help was also provided by the Lotto Foundation Rhineland-Palatinate, which supported several measures in the DRK district associations.

Supplemented were multicultural meetings in the DRC Kreisverband Kaiserslautern-Stadt (400 €), a meeting with football tournament of the district association Neuwied (250 €) and a trip of the district association Neuwied to the House of History in Bonn (250 €). In this context, the round sum of € 1,000 went to the DRK district association Bitburg-Prüm. Also 1000 € there was for the DRK district association Birkenfeld, which thus financed various actions for the integration of refugees. Finally, there are still 250 € each to support monthly community meetings of refugees and for information meetings of the interpreters in the DRK district association Bernkastel-Wittlich have been approved.

Children from poor backgrounds were invited to the annual folk picnic in Trier in cooperation with the city administration of Trier. 38 refugees, 24 interpreters and 40 volunteers and volunteers were thanked for an unforgettable evening during the charity gala in Wittlich, who were thanked for years of tireless efforts in the social field. Behind all this support is also a donation from the Lotto Foundation Rhineland-Palatinate, which thankfully proved to be a great benefactor at the request of Allianz Pro Humanity. The happy laughter of many is the most beautiful reward for this.

The largest donation was recruited from the 1st Red Cross Charity Golf Tournament in Landau, organized by the DRK district association Southern Wine Route together with the Allianz Pro Humanity: 15,000 euros in proceeds to help fund a hospice, the Landau long on the wish list stands.

Almost 1000 fairytale books and radio plays cassettes (value approx. 14,000 €) provided for the radiant children's eyes from the pen of Axel Dahm, which were given over the DRK circle federations to children from socially weak or refugee families.

Last but not least, the Lord Mayor of Trier Trier was happy about 300 € support a social action. And DRK chairman Anke Marzi recently brought the DRK district association Trier-Saarburg 1000 € for the construction of a clothing store in the city of Trier.

For the social moments of life and luxury for the palate

Hammer wine donation of the Berlin Wine Trophy triggers great social commitment

With a spectacular wine donation, the Berlin Wine Trophy, Germany's most important and largest international wine tasting, as our new alliance partner, wants to help those in need, people, children and families who have suffered a serious fate, seriously or involuntarily marginalized our society have come to provide quick help.