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If the life to the nightmare is.... Cries for help young people!

In Germany increases the number of children and young people are constantly under poverty unfortunately or in such difficult family situations that you grow up the laughter has elapsed. Six tragic fate of young Rhineland Palatinate we have described here. Without the help of is your life a chance. Support us please, so that the alliance per humanity" immediately can be of assistance. a very special man, a unique fighter, full of optimism, tell your friends. Heart of Kim was and is the use for abused or injured animals. Many has already saved the life. Now needs Kim even life-saving assistance. She suffers from cancer, has a tumor in the head. Several OPS, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the plucky young woman already behind. Since a few days but is aware that spread metastases in the head. It is becoming increasingly worse. The only chance to save her life, is an expensive and time-consuming immune therapy, the doctors say. The sickness fund but has doubts about the chances of success and therefore rejected the payment of the therapy. Kim and your family must itself bear the costs: 6.700 Euro for each month of treatment! Kim's time expires, your not helped. So we start this is a cry for help of a special kind. Please help with the life of Kim to save. And donate. Thank you.

... is one of six brothers and sisters. The children come from three different partners of the mother. Her current husband has a massive alcohol problem and always outbreaks of violence. Inga is from your 12-year-old brother Sacha at the age of 6 years are sexually abused. The Mother knows and takes her son in therapeutic treatment. Inga lets you are left without any responsible help. The girl must experience that everything revolves around the brothers and you as the victim is not perceived. That the brothers to continue to your passes, remains on top of undetected. Only years later the abuse again revealed. Inga creates a girlfriend to entrust. This persuaded Inga, located on the trust teacher. The teacher turns the Youth Welfare Office and brings the girl with a foster family. It feels it is protected and is easier. But it has the feeling to have betrayed her family and caring for the brothers and sisters. The children protection service aims to Inga new life.

…lives since three years in a youth aid equipment, as you are head over heels in love with Manfred (18). The initially also contributes to hands. Sabine sicxh was absolutely sure that the dream man to have found.- to changed everything. Only burns Manfred before jealousy, then he begins to criticize Sabine's appearance and consumed increasingly canabis. Sabine will not remain on and will also use cannabis, and alcohol. The relationship between the two is characterized by extremely fluctuating emotional states. There was humiliation, into a rage, even slapped and also always better phases, reconciliations, dreams. To Sabine unintentionally became pregnant. After the initial shock is pleased you are still on the child, they themselves had anything other than a nice childhood had. Mother alcohol ill, Father unknown. Grew up between the nut and the strict grandparents, first years the sexual abuse by the younger brother suspended again and again in unstable relationships landed, truancy, solid self injurious behaviors and multiple of home pulled out. Despite pregnancy canabis consuming and constant struggle with the child's father, has suspended the Jugendamt Sabine in a mother-to-child establishment of the DRC. But what will the future bring? Especially at some point on the day extract. Then Jane and her child before nothing if not help them.

… always resolves conflicts with their peers with their fists. You can only stop after the mother of her violent husband separates and Lisa is safe. Lisa can now about their traumatic experiences to speak. At the moment it learns new conflict solution strategies and will be strengthened in their own value. Once your carefree-beautiful laugh comes to gradually return. Use the help of " Alliance per humanity", young people like Lisa from its desolation and from the shadow of life out. Give them as a donor or family godfather hope and new perspective to the faith to find yourself again and talent. Without hope everything is nothing.


17 Years

... is your stepfather sexually harassed and threatened. It is from its own drive to the Child Protection Service with the please, to assist it. To help that the sexual assault of the stiefvaters stop. Nina can be strengthened, that they with their mother speaks about the sexual assaults. But the mother do not believe. Her needs for understanding and protection will be negated. And it gets worse still: the mother decides against her daughter and raises Nina from your apartment out. Briefly, the young woman with her boyfriend stay, but not for long. The Children Protection Service offers Nina jump on a temporary home. But then what? Without support is her future in the game.





10 Years

… has massive abuse and neglect experienced in his family origin. He does not know his father. The relationship with his mother is canceled because the mother has not succeeded in contact with their son. Max now lives in a foster family. Although he was well supplied, he needs the security, that there is always at least 5 pack cheese in the refrigerator are present. The boy is still suffering from the mental and physical abuse that he suffered in the past. To get him out of this state and to strengthen its personality, targeted therapies and support measures required. Max must enjoy life back to win. This requires the Child Protection Service financial resources.