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In the Rhineland Palatinate is in the past year an exemplary humanitarian initiative with the name "Alliance per humanity" has been called into life. This is a social alliance between the economy and the Rhineland Palatinate in the German Red Cross. Task and objective of the "Alliance per humanity" is that people in the Rhineland Palatinate under the arms to grab the innocent in need.

Or with the circumstances of your life currently alone is no longer able to cope, be it due to age, disease and disability, be it because poverty, loneliness or exclusion you the air to breathe and joy of life. Unfortunately increasing the number of people with us more and more, including a rapidly growing number of children in the most difficult conditions of families living and growing up, and suffer.

Not to forget the many refugees, the most traumatic experiences in our new home and future search and with dependent on our help. More than 200 companies world-wide reputation with part are now below the conveyors of the alliance and support the Alliance by benefits in kind or in cash donations. They are the current challenges facing society and want to true to the motto of the alliance from i to us. Each Other" to more social proximity among the people of our society. Want clear signs of the responsibility for the social well-being of all and by common action people in emergency situations a positive future perspective. In order to be able to help successfully, the alliance on dedicated support and growing awareness instructed, including numerous events and a board of trustees is busy with numerous representatives of public life, of music, show, sports, media and politics. To do good and to be well today is much more than a marketing trend. Ethics and compliance are today to become genuine consumer need.

By a commitment in the social alliance wins every company of sympathy and credibility. Arouses interest, enthusiastic customers and allows products to questions. Also because with the Red Cross a mark on the side of the "Alliance per humanity", according to current market surveys to Coca Cola the most famous in the world. With a commitment or a sponsorship participate sponsors and partners of the social alliance "Alliance per Humanity" by the incomparable popularity, the unique identity and authenticity of this brand. And you ultimately gives people confidence and joy for which this sensation rarity. It is time to do so.